How To Write Brand Messaging For Five Different Social Media Channels

Every time your business is represented in a conference, your advertisements are shared with the market, your business website is launched or you post on social media, your brand voice is heard. But one of the most difficult questions is whether or not the tone is customized for each channel. It took a lot of effort for McDonalds or Ferrari to become a known brand. Since many businesses aren’t on the same level right now, they have to put serious effort in bringing out their brand voice. It’s 2017 and platforms like social media are ideal to get more people to follow your brand.

Social networks are platforms for sharing and conversations. Gone are the days when you had to convince a business owner to consider making a business profile on social media. The companies that are not used to speaking to their customers on social media are missing out on a lot of exposure. Your brand can find a new voice on social media if you use a specific tone that matches the nature of the social medium in question.

Fashion brand Tory Burch took a little time to understand the type of conversations that take place on a particular social medium. Burch realized that people on social media wouldn’t be very happy if you keep trying to sell them your product. People like to have some fun on their social profiles and the last thing they want is a business profile constantly urging them to buy.

She discovered early that sharing personal stories and discussing trends with followers used to get their Twitter profile more exposure. Burch discovered through Twitter conversations that the demand for fashionable travel socks was high, and later on she became friends with comedian Mindy Kaling. Burch even hosted a book signing session for Kaling at her flagship store.

Her in-house team has it all sorted now. One great photograph combined with a word for Tumblr and behind-the-scenes stuff on Facebook. Her team has worked hard to understand the nature of every social medium so Tory Burch can stay relevant online.

You can also customize your brand voice according to each social medium your brand is represented on, and reach more people with your content. Here are some brand messaging tips for 5 social media channels:


The role of Facebook as a marketing medium is unmatched. The medium contains an audience of over one billion people, so that means your brand message will never be ignored if optimized well. Marketers have been facing problems with introducing fresh content to their audience because Facebook recently changed its algorithm.

It shows news from friends and news websites while pages are given a slightly lesser exposure. It has even killed the organic exposure of many pages on Facebook. Many marketers complain that Facebook has almost become a media corporation now, accepting high charges in exchange for eyeballs. As a brand marketer, you have to pay more attention to click-through-rates and impressions and lesser attention to likes and comments.

In order to gain exposure without buying ad space, here are some things you can do:

  • Compare: Keep an eye on your competitor’s progress. Look at the new things they are introducing and the changes you can make.
  • Track performance: Keep an eye on your posts’ performance through the Page Insights feature nf Facebook.
  • Add more visual content: All posts are not given equal exposure on Facebook. Facebook will rank posts with photos and videos much higher than text
  • Target audience: The benefit of social media marketing over traditional media is in audience targeting. Facebook will ask you about the audience you want to target, and you can easily skim through irrelevant people to reach the audience which cares about your messages.



Brands can show off their true personality on Twitter. Facebook has been a paid media channel, but Twitter still allows brands to have genuine conversations and build relationships in 140 characters or less. Brands with more followers give a humanly feeling, by responding to user queries and collecting feedback.

Twitter #hashtags are where any brand message can be indexed and compiled. If you really want your brand to be heard and seen on Twitter, build a unique hashtag for your campaign or brand and make sure you use it often. Sometimes, hashtags can trend on an organic basis, while other times you may need help from influencers within your niche.

Twitter brands which are currently winning at their brand messaging include Netflix and Taco Bell. They have developed unique personas on their Twitter profiles, almost like you are interacting with one person. They strictly adhere to this persona and that’s what makes them win at their campaigns.

One thing which greatly helps their brand on Twitter is relevance. When people can relate to your tweets, they’d love to retweet and like it. That’s why, some brands go out of the way to prepare memes and GIFs for their audience on Twitter.

Community management, brand maintenance and customer service can be provided through Twitter. Real-time marketing takes place here and you should not miss out on your share of exposure, one hashtag at a time.


People who sign up for a LinkedIn account expect to operate in a very business-like environment. LinkedIn profile is like a virtual CV, but there is so much more you can do through your credentials on LinkedIn. LinkedIn works wonders for B2B marketers, since there are both company and personal accounts. This means your business has better chances of being entertained when you make a sales call. People are more likely to click and respond to content which is relevant to their business. LinkedIn is the only major social media platform for which usage rates are higher among 30- to 49-year-olds than among 18- to 29-year-olds.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, people on LinkedIn don’t mind interacting with brands online. Your brand can raise its corporate, business-friendly voice on this platform. Another thing benefiting your brand on LinkedIn is that there are no fake user profiles. Everybody is trying to market themselves and you also have to fight through this competition. Through its integration with Pulse app, LinkedIn drives a lot of views to its B2B blogs, which is a good factor for brands trying to educate their customers.

Company pages: The most effective way of communicating with your audience on LinkedIn is through company pages. LinkedIn will prioritize articles based on these company pages. Consider the example of Hubspot, an inbound marketing software platform. Hubspot creates loads of new and informative content for its users. It uses LinkedIn company pages platform to successfully acquire new customers and main a credible position on the network among people who like to use their content.

Hubspot posts content on its company page with the sole purpose of making people do their jobs better. It posts articles that are full of stats, case studies and examples which can help a person  understand better. Their page has more than 60,000 followers on LinkedIn. On the other hand, their marketing discussion group on LinkedIn has more than 103,000 members. Members share and discuss their personal stories on the group and this goes a long way in getting leads.


For those who never interacted on Tumblr before, it can be a scary place. Marketers with little knowledge of the medium can also face hurdles. That’s why, you must learn how Tumblr works. Tumblr is mostly occupied by teenage users and millenials who are very unapologetic if you try to barge in with a corporate presence.

They won’t like it and your brand voice can be ignored. On the other hand, Tumblr is also a great place to have witty, quirky conversations that can sometimes be groundbreaking (don’t even get me started on the conspiracy theories spun by Tumblr users).

Here is your challenge: find a way to embrace this deviant quirkiness and be a part of the crowd. Align this strategy with your business goals and see how the tables turn in your brand’s favor. Your content must have the following qualities to gain exposure on Tumblr:

  • Be highly visual
  • Be entertaining
  • Be compelling and downright unavoidable

This is the kind of content which gets ‘reblogged’ on Tumblr often. You aren’t the first one on the moon here, many brands have successfully achieved this goal. The shining example is of Denny’s Diner. When it comes to brand messaging on Tumblr, Denny’s has made history. In fact, the brand is so popular that it’s now termed as ‘Tumblr’s Diner’. This is the kind of success you would want to achieve. They regularly post wacky GIFs, great photographs and clever memes related to pop culture and current trends.

People who were not big fans of Denny’s food are now giving the brand a second chance. The chain has built a community of people who enjoy good food and a good laugh. Denny’s fan community can also contribute GIFs and photos to be a part of the conversation. “I think Denny’s has the best brand Tumblr I’ve ever seen,” said Digg’s social media editor, Veronica de Souza. “It’s not desperate or fake or trying too hard. It’s just simple, great content that gets people thinking about their brand, and more importantly, it makes people want to go to Denny’s. Reaching a millennial audience isn’t as simple as purchasing a promoted tweet on Twitter or throwing money at a post on Facebook. You have to not only speak their language but to do so in a way that fosters, not forces, conversation.


Instagram is a visual platform used by people to showcase their life in beautiful photos. On the marketing side Instagram is pretty new, since it just rolled out the first paid products. Instagram doesn’t like links clutter in comments nor does it support them in captions. Like Tumblr, they encourage a great photo in ads.

The advertising program of Instagram is still in testing, receiving all kinds of feedback from marketers all over the world. In the beginning, the privilege was given to a handful of partners like Michael Kors, Ben and Jerry’s and Levi’s.

These brands gave Instagram powerful insights into what makes an effective campaign on the visual platform. You can consult with their handbook for marketers to learn more about campaigning on Instagram. You can learn about the brand tones and messages on initial advertisers on Instagram and how you can customize your voice according to your target audience.

“We offer tools and resources for businesses and brands – through a handbook – so they can engage with the Instagram community in a meaningful way,” said an Instagram spokesperson in a statement. “These resources serve as a way for businesses to be inspired and follow in the footsteps of some of the most creative organizations on Instagram.”

The difference between sponsored posts on Instagram and a common post is the reach given to the sponsored posts. Brands post an ad just like a common post is published on Instagram, to maintain the sanctity of the platform.

A user scrolling through their timeline will never feel like an ad is thrown into his or her face. If you don’t like a repetitive ad, you can choose to hide it. Brands who have mastered the art of producing stunning visuals can benefit highly from this content strategy.

Here is a checklist to make sure your content is optimized well for an Instagram lead:

  • Be original
  • Share stories
  • Show everything beautifully
  • Inspire people
  • Serve your target audience

Last word

A multi-channel social media strategy is necessary, but is it worth it for brands to have a presence on every social media network? The answer lies in the nature of your brand. Like the examples quotes above, you have to determine what is the right social medium for your brand message.

“When you start to take an in-depth look at the demographics of various social media platforms you can start to see interesting trends, such as Pinterest is overwhelmingly used by women. Unsurprisingly, Facebook is pretty much ubiquitous but once you dig down into the research you might find some valuable revelations. Facebook use is growing fastest among users aged 65+: more than 56% of internet users in this age bracket now have an account.’

Choose the best social networks for your brand and then customize your content according to it. The more you adapt to each platform, the better your chances of acquiring leads.

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