7 Reasons Why A Twitter Account Is Essential For Every Marketer

Twitter is the second largest social media channel after Facebook. For this reason and others, it is an important marketing platform for business marketers and can provide a competitive advantage when used wisely.

According to Statista, in the fourth quarter of 2016 there were more 319 million active tweeters around the world.

As stated by Biz Stone, “Given a limit of 140 characters, people consistently reaffirm that creativity is a renewable resource.” Under 140 or so characters, marketers can use Twitter to share new and engaging content, latest information about their products, quotes, business facts, attachments and so much more.


Interesting tweet-facts


Mentioned below is a short list of Twitter’s most impressive numbers and facts;

  • 3 billion people have accounts on Twitter. accounts.
  • Out of this, 319 million of them are active users.
  • About 350,000 tweets are posted every day
  • Around 80% per cent of millenials use Twitter on their mobile phone
  • More than half of the total users follow some product, brand or company
  • 24 per cent of users check their Twitter feed several times a day

According to a market research study, conducted in the USA, 1/3 marketers considered Twitter to be an important channel for social media advertising and only 14 per cent found the tweet-environment to be of little advantage to their business.

Additionally, Twitter plays an important part in the consumer decision-making process. It not only helps customers receive regular updates about products but also provides them with expert consultation on specified brands. Edisson Research establishes the mark of actual buyers being 21 per cent from the overall active Twitter users.


What makes Twitter different?

As a marketer, your approach to every social media website should be distinctive. The Twitter marketing strategy, for instance, is not going to be the same as your Facebook or Instagram marketing plan. Understanding where Twitter fits in the social media landscape will shape the way you use it; making promotional efforts concrete and sensible.

Some of the best ways businesses use Twitter include:

  • Sharing relevant information and content on a daily basis
  • Driving engagement and promotional activity
  • Close interaction with consumers
  • Networking
  • Branding

As you can see, it’s not necessarily just about broadcasting your services. Most of the activities on Twitter have to do with consumer interactions. Hence, you need to keep that in mind before getting to the crux of Twitter marketing.

Why should your business  use Twitter


You might not have known this but many companies have already started using Twitter as an effective means of connecting with their consumers and promoting their  brand.

In fact, nearly 66% of businesses are on Twitter and half of the people who follow brands claim that they are likely to visit product websites.

Seven reasons mentioned ahead aim to expand our view of Twitter’s essentiality in active content and business marketing:

  1. An ideal platform for opinion-sharing

Think of each social media channel as having a different personality. For example, Facebook is cocktails on vacation. The crowd can get rowdy but at the end of the day, it’s only trying to unwind and enjoy the semi-occasional free time.

Similarly, Twitter has its own distinctive traits. A perfect medium for sharing opinions, articles and other information, Twitter deflates the pressure that comes with advertising hidden marketing agendas. As long as your audience is streaming live, they will see your posts no matter what.

  1. Great tool for developing customer relations

This is one of the main reasons why you should use Twitter for your business. Direct communication through Twitter makes it a convenient environment for developing customer relations.

The platform has largely become a daily routine where people log in every single day, some checking it first thing in the morning even before brushing their teeth. In case you have unsatisfied or confused customers, you will hear them on Twitter, giving your company an opportunity to help them.

Matt Dyor, the Co-Founder and CEO of Payboard, says, “We use Twitter to get feedback on our messaging and to connect with new customers who are looking to improve trial-to-paid conversion rates. So it definitely does make it easy for us to meet people we can help.”

  1. Instilling reliability

Relevant content, customer service and transparency are the basic determinants of product reliability. To increase the credibility of your tweets and comments, all information posted online should be professional, containing pertinent details about your operational field and services.

  1. Developing new contacts

Twitter makes it possible for people with mutual interests to gather into communities and share latest updates. For a business, it creates opportunities to interact directly with people from your field and thus, facilitates the process of making new contacts.

Hence, as a marketer, you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss unique ideas and raise awareness about your existence in the business community.

  1. Gaining customer insight is important

Twitter has made it easy for marketers to get an access to the conversations of customers and finding out what’s keeping them up at night. By visiting their competitors’ Twitter profiles and seeing who they follow, you can figure out what frustrates people about your rivals’ services.

Exchanging thoughts with other tweeters will leverage your authority and credibility further. What’s more, you will get plenty of ideas for upping your game, as you now know what interests your audience the most.

  6. Showcasing personal side


Branding on Twitter is great way to increase product awareness and show a more personal side to your company. From posting a blooper reel of your latest marketing video, behind-the-scene images or merely sharing your favourite things and asking audiences to add theirs can help potential customers see you in a new light.

7. Get more traffic

As mentioned earlier, nearly 50 per cent users who follow a brand also tend to visit the brand’s respective website.

Twitter acts like the bridge leading from where your ideal customers are to where you can help them by learning more about their problems. Once they get to your website, make sure you have enough relevant content to keep them engaged for longer or you will lose them as quickly as they came.

The final takeaway

Twitter is an excellent place to grow as a business marketer. Not only does it benefit you professionally but also safekeeps your company’s interests.

Allowing businesses to appear trendy, Twitter helps you reach out to those who are most responsive towards your services.

So, if you still haven’t made a company account on Twitter, do it today. More than 60 per cent of the companies are already there and one or more are probably your competition. If you are too busy building your startup, outsource your social media to another company or use tools to automate the process. Good luck!

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