Here are the 6 things you should do after hitting the Publish button

Publish Button

If you run a blog, you know exactly how much effort goes into brainstorming, writing, editing and finally publishing a blog post. The procedure often drains you mentally. But, you don’t want your content to sit in the blog unseen. You want people to view your current and previous posts. Therefore, you must also know that the work doesn’t end when you hit the publish button – it only starts from there.  

Your wonderful blogpost will get ‘eyeballs’, only if you put some effort in making it suitable for the search engines, also known as SEO. It will pay off, especially when you are working in the digital marketing industry. Most of the business world today uses blogging as a marketing effort.  By making information accessible to a large audience, you are also reaching a target audience who will trust you and your brand.

If you wonder what to do after publishing your blogposts, take a look at this simple checklist and apply these strategies to your posts:

Optimize keywords and submit the post to search engines


Search engine bots get to know about your blog via keywords. Keywords are used to put a post on the digital map. These words help in indexing your content on social media. It doesn’t happen in one day, but if you are frequently using a keyword on your blog, chances are that search engine bots have crawled over your posts and indexed you as a contributor to the topic.

The easiest way of finding the right keyword for your posts is to give the post a thorough look and decide what the most important thing about the post is. Google Adwords has a free keyword selection tool. It will help you identify and phrase the most popular keywords in your posts. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your posts indexed now!

Promote the post on social media

Social media, as we know it, is the next big sharing medium after SEO. After popular search engines, the next place which can get you both organic and paid traffic is a social media platform. Any time you publish a new post, share it to your social media accounts. Find key influencers in your niche and share the post with them. Here are some of the most popular social media channels, where you should create an account and engage daily:

  • Facebook: Facebook is made up of a vast online community. Post on your timeline for instant viewership in related circles
  • Twitter: Twitter feed is updated every few seconds, but you can put up your post with a popular hashtag to make it visible to a large audience
  • Instagram: The photo sharing site is a good way of promoting your post visually. The Facebook-Instagram merger also helps
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a wonderful place to share posts by using beautiful photos. Enhance your viewership by Pinning the images in your posts
  • Google+: A Google+ profile tells Google that you are a genuine author. It is also a good medium to share content with serious professionals.

Share on relevant communities online



Find and identify communities which discuss  the topic you wrote on. Online groups and communities are not going out of fashion, at least not for another decade or so, because they help answer  questions. Places like Quora and Yahoo Answers help many people  get solutions for their daily problems. Since your blog is also designed to answer a question, you can share your post on a related community and build trust around your blog/brand.

There are no restrictions on discussions in an online group, as long as you stay ethical and well-mannered.

Share via email lists and newsletters

If you have an email or newsletter list, send your recent posts to the list for viewership. Email is an important medium to promote and market content. If you don’t have an email list, start building one now. Your followers and subscribers will automatically receive those emails. These targeted people are ideal to share your information with.

Just make sure that you use a platform like MailChimp to curate those emails, and the link to your posts is shortened in format, with direct access to the post. Social media and subscribe buttons are also a good thing to put in the email newsletter.

Reply to comments/messages


One of the most important things you should do as a blogger or a brand is to engage with your readers/ followers. Be it through social media, emails or blog comments, reply to people who are engaging with your content. Whether it is a word of praise or criticism, make sure you reply to it in a cordial manner.

This is essential because it proves that you are more than a commercial blog, and you care about what people think. People like it when they are also complimented in return and this builds a healthy relationship with your audience.

Ask other bloggers to share your post


If you are part of a bloggers’ circle, put those contacts into use and ask those bloggers to share your post. In return, you should also share and comment on their content when they publish it. This way, both of you can reap the benefits.

Ideally, you should target bloggers who also post about similar topics. It gains more viewers and also endorses both of you as key influencers in the field. This expansion of reach via other bloggers can get you more customers, since word of mouth is effective in business. Any person who follows a blogger, would likely check out another blogger upon endorsement.

Last word:

The essence of blogging is information sharing. You may be telling a great story, but without proper sharing channels, it may get lost in all the noise. After publishing a post, share it on social media, emails, newsletters and related communities. You have no idea how even a simple Retweet can get you more viewership, if it is by the right influencer.

  • To make the most of social media sharing, use Hootsuite or Buffer
  • Plan a paid campaign in the beginning to seed new traffic
  • Launch a guest posting campaign to gain authority
  • Regularly interact with other bloggers and influencers to develop yourself as a responsible blogger

It all depends on how you take your strategy forward. Good content and proper planning will pay you back if you stay consistent. Check out this infographic for a quick understanding of the things you should do after hitting the publish button.

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