5 Things Newbie Bloggers Don’t Know About Twitter

You may be super active on Facebook and may be able to make a really interesting Snap story but have you mastered the art of Twitter? Are your Tweets as engaging as your posts on Facebook and are you successfully driving traffic back to your blog?

Twitter has over 500 million users and while it may not have as many active users as Facebook, it is an extremely popular platform amongst businessmen, politicians, movie stars, and other prominent personalities and is a very effective marketing platform to drive traffic back to your blog.

But do you know how to use it? Perhaps you are spending most of your time reading Tweets from everyone you follow or you are trying to find all your favorite people to connect with.  While these are worthwhile moves, don’t consume too much time in things that are not top priority as there is a lot more to do on Twitter than just that.

The average person Tweets approximately 22 times in a day so if you initially have 100 followers, that’s 2,200 words to read on a daily basis right there! However, your time can be used elsewhere and can be utilized to appropriately increase traffic to your blog.

Twitter is a little bit more complicated than Facebook but once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. So, here is what you didn’t know about Twitter as a newbie blogger and it is about time you learnt it.

  1. Less is more

Surely you want to fit in as much information as possible in order to explain to your audience what your blog is about and entice them enough to click on your Tweet and read your blog. However, Tweets aren’t about details as they are limited to 140 characters in length. And it is not necessary that you use all the character space you have! On Twitter, less is more as statistics suggest that shorter Tweets, or those under 100 characters, usually work better and receive a 21% higher interaction rate.

Let the reader’s imagination wander as you give him a short and provocative introduction to your article and invite him to visit your blog. Do you have to stick to mentioning the title of the article in your Tweet? Of course not! Try giving a quick peek into what your article offers or its most interesting point.

For example, an article titled ‘The Most Amusing Hairstyles of 2017’ can be tweeted as, ‘Don’t be boring.. try one of these!’  with a link to your article. Get creative and create as many variations as you can. Try your top three and see which one works best!

  1. Bios matter

Your bio on Facebook may be ignored and may seem unimportant as you usually connect with people you know on Facebook but Twitter is more or less a public forum. It is the best place to meet new people and to promote your blog, but you have to know exactly how to appeal to followers and make a lasting impression. The rule of ‘first impressions are the last impressions’ may somewhat apply here as users will decide whether they want to follow you or not simply by looking at your bio and then determining whether they find you interesting or not.

Make sure you set yourself apart and add unique terms in your bio. Don’t go on and on about your achievements and your profession in the most drab and formal way possible. Get your creative engines roaring and make strong statements.

Use keywords that your target audience is looking for and avoid buzz words or common terms such as social media expert, marketing guru, etc. This is specifically important when you are a newbie as you must build a following that is interested in what you have to offer. Use the space wisely and try to add a touch of humor to it. Being funny on social media never really hurt right? Here is an example of an amusing Twitter bio.


  1. You can save your favorite Tweets

You do not have to go through all of the Tweets you’ve read in the past month to find a Tweet that intrigued you and gave you an idea for a new blog. Not all users use this function but there is a way to mark your favorite Tweets. You can click on Favorite underneath a Twitter status to save it to your Favorites list and you can then  retrieve it by clicking on your profile  and then clicking on the Favorites tab on the left.

This is similar to bookmarking a page and means that your life is a lot easier as all you have to do is make a few simple clicks to look over that super interesting tweet whenever you want.

Do you want to save one of your own Tweets to refer to later? You can mark your own Tweet as a favorite and save it to this list. This will save you a lot of time and energy when you want to read something again or go back to an article that you need to write one for your blog.

  1. Cross-posting to Facebook is easy

Twitter and Facebook do get along and that is just as well for you as you can use both platforms simultaneously. You can share your Tweets on your Facebook page in order to maximize traffic to your blog very easily.

Log onto Facebook and download the Selective Tweets app and enter your Twitter username. Whenever you make a Tweet that you want shared on Facebook, simply end the Tweet with #fb and it will automatically be shared to your Facebook account as well.

Sounds simple, right? It is. And it is also highly effective. According to a study, posts that are shared on both Facebook and Twitter get 160% more views. Social media can definitely give your blog a boost if used properly and Twitter is by far the best social platform to do so!

  1. Keep talking

It is best to be interactive on Twitter and reply to everyone who mentions you or is interacting with you. As a newbie blogger you need to know how to make contacts and how to promote your profile in order to attract traffic. If you are a silent observer, people are likely to get bored of you and they may not pay attention to your Tweets in the future. Therefore, if you remain well-connected and engage effectively, it will entice users to take a second look at what you are saying and respond.

Use the Connect option to see a list of users who have recently interacted with you, mentioned you, or people who have re-tweeted your posts or marked them as a favorite. This way you will know how to keep your audience interested in your posts and will also help you determine what is working and what isn’t.

Newbie bloggers can take note of these points and become Twitter pros in no time! Use the strategies mentioned to your advantage in order to promote content and make the most of social media marketing for your blog. Good luck!

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