5 Ideas To Generate More Link Building Opportunities Using Twitter

Nowadays, if you search for a person on Google, one of the things that will be on top of the search results will be their Twitter profile (if they have one).

Same is the case with businesses. Twitter is a great platform to have a business profile on. People like to stay updated about the latest trends and have heated discussions over everything that is happening around the globe. This is your chance to gain new customers.

Google surely understands the value of Twitter and that’s why the two companies had an agreement back in February 2016 as a result of which Twitter provided full access of its streams to Google. This stream of tweets is known as ‘firehose’. The firehose is currently shooting 9,000 tweets every second. Google is all about customer experience and Twitter’s database is full of historical data, categorized by timelines and trends.

This is of immense value to the link builder who is searching for new opportunities. Twitter can actually be used as a link building tool and you should be prepared to make good use of this tool.

Social search is cooler than Google search:

People tend to find more relevant news on Twitter instead of Google. That’s why, over the years Twitter search has become a valuable tool. If you select ‘all’ under the search bar, you are bound to get real-time information on any event or topic from around the world.

Searching for your niche and important contacts has become so much easier with Twitter. Its search engine makes the search cleaner, relevant and faster.


You can type your keyword in the search bar to find the word you are looking for. Then there are hashtags. These are keywords written with ‘#’ and clicking on them makes it easy to find a whole lot of tweets containing this word.

The result will lead you to the profiles that have been tweeting about the topic. From here, you can build contacts and approach people for guest posting and various other opportunities. Twitter also allows you to make lists. You can add relevant people to a list and use their influence to promote your links or do some back and forth linking.

Your niche is your comfort zone:

Niche includes people or businesses who share the same interests, or operate in the same industry as you do. These also include the ideal buyers or the target audience of your business.

When you identify your niche, you can search for people who also follow the same interests and create a community. Once you have a group of people who read and write about the same thing, it will become easier to promote a cause with them.

By staying engaged, learning the system, and maximizing your reach, you’ll inevitably improve your likelihood of gaining traction in the site’s upcoming upswing.- Neil Patel

Customize your profile:

Your Twitter profile is something that should not be ignored. Especially now that there is an added chance for your profile to appear on Google search results too. Add a profile photo. It could be  your business logo or a photo that you use on other business social accounts. A missing profile photo diminish your prospects of finding links because your profile might get registered as spam.

Twitter provides two link options in its bio space. You can add your website or any other important link/s in these sections. Your audience is bound to click on these links to learn more about you.

Build relationships:

With the help of your profile, you can build a persona for your brand. Many brands work on a specific Twitter persona, while others use Twitter as a customer service medium. Here is how relationships help in gaining links:

For example, you are a brand which sells knit wear, you go to Twitter and search for people and tweets related to knit wear. You will end up finding many people who have tweeted about knit wear, many of whom, as you’ll find, are mommy bloggers.

Visit their profiles and find links to their websites. If you like what you find,  you can approach them for guest posting opportunities. You can also retweet them and engage with them to create relationships.

In future whenever you want to promote your client/website/business, you can ask them for a retweet or a link on their website. These relationships are very effective since other people who follow these accounts can find you, resulting in an increase in your sales.

Share stories of people:

Who doesn’t like being praised? Twitter is a great place to share stories and get link building opportunities. Once again, imagine a scenario where you find people who tweet about your niche via Twitter search.

  • Make a list of these people/approach them via tweets or direct messages.
  • If you want links, you can write a blogpost where you can insert something these people tweeted about.
  • After compiling this post, you can approach them like ‘Hey @xyz, you are mentioned in this post’.
  • Most of the people retweet the post because it has got something to do with them, thus increasing visits to your site.

Last word:

According to Mike King in Moz,

“…every successful link building campaign boils down to making news and/or making friends.”

Twitter is the best tool to explore if you are looking for link-building options. You can also make great friends who can help you out in many ways. By engaging with followers, staying relevant to latest trends and avoiding spam, you can get valuable links to your site from Twitter users and re-tweets.



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