4 Easy Ways To Find Link Opportunities Using Twitter

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Twitter is a popular social networking platform which provides news and information in real-time. Many SEO experts are of the opinion that Twitter links are considered no-follow and that link building opportunities using this social medium are rare. However, savvy marketers have discovered exciting new ways to engage with the audience and gain links through Twitter. In fact, Twitter data has been influencing the search engine result pages ever since Google and Twitter signed a deal. This is why Tweets posted on Twitter are showed in Google search results on top.

Google-Twitter partnership

Google and Twitter have signed a deal which permits the search engine to access Twitter’s firehose. Firehose is the collection of tweets and information which is available on the social medium. You can learn more about the firehose here.

The firehose works literally like a spray – shooting around 9,000 tweets every second on the interwebs! Google benefits a lot from this stream of information and a lot of it is indexed. Before the agreement, Google used to crawl Twitter for relevant tweets and considering the speed of the firehose, this was a difficult process. The new agreement, however, has made it possible for Google to make link building easier for professionals.

Google has agreed to index tweets also because this social medium is rich with timely information about every major happening in the world. It can mean so much to the average searcher who wants to know about major events in real-time.

According to Pew, 19% of the U.S. adult population uses Twitter. That’s nice; but compared with Facebook (58%), it’s embarrassing. Anyone weighing in alongside Facebook is going to be embarrassed, our course, but it’s especially hard for Twitter. They’re the runt of the social media litter, even if by a few percentage points, having been surpassed by younger media like Instagram and Pinterest.

This benefits Twitter because of the traffic which gets redirected here. You can try searching for ‘Beyonce’ or ‘Trump’ on Google and the first thing which comes up is either a tweet by them or their Twitter profile on top of the SERPs. This way, a lot of attention is diverted to Twitter through Google, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

Previous COOs of Twitter wanted this rich information to stay limited to the Twittersphere only, so the previous partnerships between the two mediums failed a couple of times. The newest agreement, however, makes sure that this information is available to the right person at the right time. According to Neil Patel:

Suffice it to say that search and social have become as tight as they have ever been. If you are in search marketing, you need to be aware of social. And if you’re in social, you also need to be aware of search marketing. These days, there’s not a whole lot separating the two.

Choose your niche

Niche simply stands for people who share the same interests as you and are talking about the same things as you. They are also your target audience. For link builders on Twitter, people within their niche are people who frequently tweet and share info about a specific topic. As the platform is really vast, you will have to research people and conversations around your niche. For this purpose, you can use a trusted tool or make some quick searches.

Find Twitter accounts of your competitors and they will guide you to your target audience. This can be your first step when you land on Twitter. The followers of those accounts should mostly be the people who want to talk about your niche. Twitter allows you to locate the category of people who are most relevant to your niche when you make a new profile. It also provides a list of top influencers and accounts in that particular category for you to follow. Recently, authority accounts have been marked with a blue tick by Twitter. It represents their relevance to a topic.

  • com is a vast directory of users based on interests on Twitter. It also includes news, stats and updated Twitter profiles with extra features.
  • This website also enables you to have a profile page with ‘dofollow’ links going to your Twitter profile and website. For this, you have to sign up and make an account to get a dedicated profile with approval.

Use Twitter search

Twitter search is a glorious and uncharted territory which link-builders can explore further. It is evident that you will have to start your hunt for people from somewhere once you land on Twitter. But, look no further than the Twitter search bar. Twitter has an amazing search engine, full of years of data recorded about every important event in the world.

Search is also clutter-free and faster on Twitter. Use this tool to look for key influencers in your niche. Just take a keyword, type it in the search box and hit ‘search’. You will find what is being tweeted about your niche and who is talking about it, complete with the dates and times.

Then there are hashtags. Twitter has utilized the hashtag technology to turn each happening into a treasure trove of precious data. Hashtags are just like keywords, only clickable. You can add ‘#’ before any word to turn it into a hashtag. For example, if you need to find info about link building jobs, you can just write #linkbuildingjobs in the search bar and press enter.

This will lead you to the tweets originating about the topic, the users who are posting these tweets and other relevant information. As you scroll down the search results, you will move from latest to oldest tweets about the topic.

In the example quoted above, once you get the search results for people talking about link building jobs, you can visit their profiles and collect their email addresses (if they have provided them). There are many opportunities available for you. Either their profiles will be extremely relevant to your area of work and you would want to approach them for business, or they will be irrelevant so you can move on to the next. You must go through this screening process to fine tune your link building lists.

Network with influencers

When you know where your top influencers are residing, it will be easier to move to this step. Use the power of segmentation to further scrutinize your lists and make sections. This will enable you to find people who are most relevant to your campaign.

Follow and interact with the right  as this will generate maximum conversation about your topic. This is the time to add a personal touch to your link building endeavors on Twitter.

Use this list by interacting with these people and sharing what they post on their profiles. You can’t expect them to interact and share your links if you don’t engage with them. Either as a brand or as a personal profile, you must look like you are providing value in your niche and are an interesting profile to interact with.

Slowly, you will build a strong network through these influencers and make a community around your niche on Twitter and other platforms. Relationship-building can’t be emphasized more on social media, as it is the quality many link-builders overlook when trying to gain new traffic. Even in real life, you can’t expect someone to do you a favor without you knowing them well.

Build a credible profile

One of the most important reasons why webmasters reject link requests is because they think that the profiles are used to send spam messages. The credibility of a profile has a lot to do with link requests. Automation is a great thing, but some people forget to add the human element in their struggle to automate just about every process.

They forget to customize a message according to the nature of the audience who will receive it. Personalization is a key element for success in every online campaign. People love to respond to invitations and messages that are delivered specifically to them. You can make use of this strategy to the maximum extent by building a credible Twitter profile.

On Twitter, you can send personalized requests after you have built a profile which portrays you as the authority. Even in your email newsletter and on other social networks, include a Twitter button or a link to your Twitter profile and encourage people to get in touch with you on Twitter.

Use a handy tool like WiseStamp to create a tool for your emails. This will show up on your emails to people and look professional as well. Include other social networks to the mix or add solely the Twitter details.

Last word

So, what should you do? The easiest thing you should do for now is to use Twitter and explore its various functions in marketing and link-building. The medium is constantly evolving and has a lot to offer. Marketers and link builders must maintain good relationships with influencers in their niche to benefit from Twitter’s link building opportunities.

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