How it works?

3 Simple steps to get powerful results

Paste it!

Enter the URL of your blogpost on the CiteNinja scanner which extracts the content the complete content available on that page.

Scan it!

The scanner then extracts all external URLs from the blogpost, and looks for their twitter handles. All hits are then extracted and moved forward to the next step.

Tweet it!

Tweet directly to all the twitter handles extracted to let them know that they've been mentioned as part of your blogpost. If the influencer likes your content, there's a strong possibility of them retweeting your content and thus resulting in greater traffic footfall.

Notifying Influencers

It's of no use to cite an influencer and not to notify them, Citeninja does that automatically.

  • Scans all the twitter handle in your article
  • Scans cited URLs and gets their twitter handle
  • Combined it gives you the best possible outreach
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Getting Audience!

Influencers sharing your article to their followers gets you the relevant traffic, which further engages with you.

  • Getting influencer's followers to read your article
  • The best possible relevant traffic on your blog
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Get Love!

Influencer acknowledging citation

  • Get yourself a mention by influencer
  • An effecient outreach
  • All done at the click of the button
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Our pricing

Free trial, use CiteNinja without any limitations for 30Days

Ninja 1
$25 /mo
billed annually
Free 30 Days Trial
Unlimited social accounts
Unlimited scans
Unlimited tweets
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